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How We Teach

The purpose of teaching higher-level courses refers to provide guidance, understanding, opportunities and information to support diversity of student’s learning.

Establish Interactive Teaching

Ask for informal feedback to maximize student’s participation

Keep an open line of communication

Take a vote with reasons using hands up and category

Monitor Student’s Engagement

Monitor how much degree of attention on lecture

Monitor how much interest or active in learning

Monitor how much asking relevant and probing questions

Assess and Provide Necessary Controls

Let more exercises per topic and cooperative study

Make regularly assessments

Discuss individually and provide suggestion

Enhance motivation by non-academic focus

Guidance of Experienced Teachers

  • Almost all studies are “within teachers”, who care for better support student learning as all teachers have more than ten years of successful teaching life.
  • We always try to be able to improve quality teaching across a range of reflection from student’s corners and global initiatives.
  • We upgrade one’s teaching performance in continuous development by self-learner skills including reading articles, study online resources. The more study our academic party does, the closer the higher qualification to achieve.
  • All of teachers in academic line are knowledgeable in his or her subjects and being value added experiences. This ensures no students are miss out of understanding in learning topics.
  • Motivation techniques are often use to produce high level of success and to promote coherent aspect under teaching services.
  • Moreover, teachers can gain a better understanding of how to govern their classroom, implement instruction and connect with their student. This means to what is our teaching roles or “models.”

Exam Focus Training

There is about one-month training before each exam, with not only regular revisions but also dynamic schedules across it wrap to exam students to take exam successfully. We build smart training for students by challenges over different approaches on various student’s willingness, attempts, and self-learning skill. It requires considering effective teaching methods covers on how we can train such students to improve best in their study tour. Through these teaching techniques, we can help students become more engaged and motivated, increasing their learning outcomes and academic progression.

Our teaching methods and training program will provide –

  • Interactive Teaching
  • Practical Knowledge
  • Competencies
  • Teamwork Spirits
  • Affordable Careers

Orientation Programs

To polish student’s existing knowledge and their qualification, we prepare effective lesson plan for all of our academic schedules based on international standard. Orientation program will introduce for the first year students to have pre-requisite knowledge before starting main course. During this orientation session, students will get to know their classmates, meet their teachers, and participate in required introductory area such as:

  • Computer Technology
  • Designing and Drawing Diagrams
  • IT skills— A quick learn to Microsoft Office Applications and Website Fundamentals