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Our campus provides tremendous facilities in teaching services and well equips to help for students’ daily life. In addition, faculty, student, and staff across campus are engaged in a variety of discussions and activities exploring the intersections of teaching techniques. Together all students in our campus, they generate some kinds of personal experiences, social networks and communities of learning that shape their future lives.

Teaching Facilities

Guidance of Experienced Teachers

Almost all studies are “within teachers”, who care for better support student learning as all teachers have more than ten years of successful teaching life.

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Exam Focus Training

There is about one month training before each exam, with not only regular revisions but also dynamic schedules across it wrap to exam students to take exam successfully.

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Free Training Classes

Our school opens extra free training classes to comfortable in study tour. It includes English 4-skills and professional course. Any registered students can join these special classes.

Network Labs

We are happy to provide networking accessories, services and its related exercises. Students will gain knowledge concerning with server technology and sharing resources.

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Practical Workshops

We provide a variety of practical workshop, which is only a quick way to capture our students’ existing knowledge and their competencies.

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Seminar & Conferences

To enhance social knowledge and ability of thinking on environmental aspects, we arrange to attend weekly seminars and special conferences for our students.

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Campus Facilities

Fresh & Air-condition Classrooms

All classrooms are clean, fresh and air-conditioned.

Classrooms Materials & Tools

We provide necessary classroom materials such as laptop, digital projector and etc.

Library Support

The library with a very good collection of books where students can access modernized articles, especially to reference in writing assignments work.

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IT support & Wi-Fi Access

We have an IT support team to help in software and hardware problems of students and wireless access throughout the campus as well.

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Hostel Arrangement & Transportation

We support transportation, air-conditioned hostel and hostel supervisor for students. They like it very much as it is a safe place to stay and reasonable payment.

Sports & Recreational Activities

Our school has an extensive range of sports that will be a leading role to student healthy lives, relaxing and team spirits.

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Students Engagement

We take student views very seriously and want to make sure we listen and respond to your opinions and feedback. You can make your voice heard through a variety of means, including student evaluation survey.

Feedback from Students

“I feel happy to take part in all of campus activities, especially playing badminton. I never forgot that we played at a big stadium near NVL institute which is one of outstanding arrangement of our campus.”

“It was amazing programs for I got practical experience concerning hardware devices and networking. I recognize myself that I understand more than the study time of the past.”

“I love studying here as I gain knowledge from different teachers and special class teachers. Even though some subjects are hard to study for me, training facilities are bringing me to a clear level. So, I have been able to share what I learned well today.”


“The facilities at NVL institute are equipped with workshops, innovative laboratories and individual consultation programs to different students. We have invested heavily in modern and high-standard facilities for our excellency and the quality of student’s life.”