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School Policies & Procedures

All students should be followed our school policies as mentioned below. The stated procedures must be awareness and undertaken for all NVL students.

School Fee Payment

Students must charge half amount of the school fee they enrolled. School accountant will collect the payment of remaining amount when two months after school is opened. Non-payment within prescribed duration will result in suspension so parents/ guardians must be careful. The school will send notifications for payment. The parent must fulfill their obligation.
Each enrolled student will get two pairs of uniform dresses and coats. If students want more suits than school issued, they need to buy. Before the start of school activity, one NVL T-shirt will be issued to new section students.

Dress Code

Uniforms are to be worn at 3 days per week; Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the whole academic year. For all the sports events and activities, the students must change into the school issued NVL T-shirt.

School lockers

Every student will be assigned a small school locker to keep his/ her school related materials. Students can use the lockers to keep school related items only.


Our school has many books related to computing and business areas which may be borrowed according to the library membership rules. It is important to ensure that the borrowed books are returned on or before the due date in the same condition.

Exam & Assignments

For all exam, students must bring their student identification card and get the exam place 30 minutes earlier before the starting of exam. Every student must be done their assignments under module leader supervision and submitted in time. All assignments should be in acceptance level.

Attendance & Leave

Every student must attend their enrolled classes and special English classes at least 60% of total lecture periods. If student want a leave for school day, his or her parents or guardian should be informed to our Students’ Affair Committee. If they take long leaves; 3 days and above, require to fill a leave form and request to Students’ Affair (SA).

Professional Courses Policies

Students attending this course would no need to pay additional fees. Their attendance should be not less than 75% on course periods. If they fail course related assignments or homework in time, student will be terminated for this course. School won’t be issued Course Completion Certificate for insufficient attendance and fail in the final exam.