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Principal’s Message

NVL institute was originally established as NVL Training Center since 2010 and teaches a variety of courses related to computing, business and accounting. From the beginning of 2016, the “NVL institute” branch developed with the successfully accredited partnership of NCC Education, UK. Through this partnership with NCC Education, NVL offer the NCC Education Diploma in Computing, which leads to the BSc Business Computing and Information Systems degree awarded by University of Central Lancashire, and the NCC Education Diploma in Business, which leads to BA(Global Business) degree awarded by the University of the West of Scotland.

Although we intended especially for the students from upper Myanmar to study such qualified courses at a very reasonable cost, now, we have proper number of students from various parts of Myanmar. I am delighted to have those students here and strongly believe that their professionals skills could be leading to support sustainable future developing country.

On behalf of my group and myself, I welcome any interest students to trying and moving ahead together to reach our milestones as it is shaping towards excellent education for students’ lives and their communities.

Ms. Lay Lay Myint
MD & Principal
NVL Institute